About Us

My obsession with home scents started at a very young age, as young as 6 years old. Growing up im always into anything that smells good for my room. As I am not allowed to do anything else to the other areas of my home, my bedroom is my domain. I will pester my mother to buy glade flowers air fresheners and place it in my room. Slowly I moved from air fresheners to room sprays, aroma oil burner to candles in 2008. I am addicted to them and spend thousands each year for my candle fix. It brings warm and coziness to my place. I love to experiment with different scents for different occasion. I then got influenced by luxury brand candles that are pricey. But buying it gives such a precious feel. It is packaged and presented beautifully that it is an honour to unwrap them.

With Little Bits & Bobs, I want to bring that special feeling of buying something luxurious yet highly affordable. We want our customers to feel great opening our candles without burning a hole in their pocket. Friendly prices without compromising the quality of our candles and importantly being environmental friendly. For months, we tested out to find the best quality soy waxes and essential oils just to perfect our formula and to achieve optimum scent throw.  We sourced our essential oils from different parts of the world to bring you unique hard-to-get scents.

We want Little Bits & Bobs candles to bring the unique characteristic of the person and to speak about the individual. Scents play an important part in our lives from regulating our moods to rekindling memories. With our Bespoke range, we want you to be able to create a scent that is of your own. A scent that brings unique memories that are specially yours. I am extremely excited to bring this new concept and to be one of the rare few companies that provides customers an opportunity to customise their own scent. With this, no 2 homes will ever smell the same.

We hope you will enjoy our Little Bits & Bobs candles in your home as much as we enjoy hand-pouring one for you.